Wednesday, March 19, 2014

RepRap Magazine

Update May 2020: RepRap magazine is long gone but here's an archived copy of the magazine:

Update: The issue of RepRap Magazine is live, head over to or download the PDF directly:
Download Lo-Res PDF (9MB)
Download Hi-Res PDF (25MB)

wow... it's such a long time ago that I have posted something here. Like always, not a lack of fabrication activity, just a lack of spare time (and sometimes incentive...) to document. Hope to get to it again.

Coming up one of these days is the new RepRap Magazine with a cover feature written by yours truly  on paste extrusion. It recaps much of the things we've tested and learned and blogged here at Unfold ~fab over the years. The article also includes some new experiments which I will write up a bit more about here when the magazine is out. I really hope that by writing this lengthy article on the state of paste extrusion that more folks will get involved in the development of paste extrusion tool heads.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the magazine and get into contact if you enjoy getting your hands dirty in extruder development!

ps. Our two person design studio Unfold is currently residing in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA with a Franzen fellowship for Digital Craft at Colorado State University. If you based in that area and interested in discussing paste extrusion, let us know. We'll be there for two more months.


  1. Thanks for sharing about reprap magazine. I really enjoy reading your blog and will be waiting for your next update. I appreciate all the work you put into this site.

    Cone Crusher

    1. Thanks Paul, sorry I missed your comment when it was posted. Looks like something was broken here.