Monday, December 28, 2009

Design for the extruder (on short hold)

Made a design for the extruder that needs to be printed but am unable to print it at the moment due to very frequent resets of my rapman due to static electricity. These resets started occurring with multiple people around the same time and are related to the dry winter air. At the moment the only thing that helps is running the tumble dryer in the same room, hope I have enough laundry to finish the two extruder parts this week.

I am using an old baseplate from my rapman extruder as a base for the syringe holder. On top is a printed part that holds the syringe, Ill probably just glue the two together. The syringe goes in from the top and is locked in place by the upper part. The upper part has the valve mounted on it and a tube running true it. At the base is a system on which the rubber plunger with drilled true hole snap fits. This closes the syringe air tight. Both parts need to be fixed together with some kind of clip, I could also use screws but I rather have something that is easily opened to refill the syringe. Will see how this design behaves when we can test it.

The bottom part is finished, the top needs some extra work like screw holes for the valve and I need to draw the clip to hold both parts together.

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