Saturday, December 12, 2009

claystruder 1st test

So here's a quick first test using 3 bar in the first seconds then 6 bar. At 6 bar there is too much pressure at start but thats solved now, there was a 10m hose in between the compressor and the 1/8 inch tubing. There was to much pressure building up there. Now I need some sample sizes of short, blunt luer-lock needles but unfortunately they come in boxes of 100 pc.

Claystruder 1st test movie


  1. The output, including sharp starting, stopping and no real oozing looks totally usable! Nice!

  2. B.t.w. I played with injection needles too. You can saw them to be shorter. Just make sure you remove the burrs with some sandpaper (outside) and steel wire (inside). A shorter nozzle will have significantly less friction and allow you to use less pressure with a higher flow rate.
    If you're near Tilburg, I'd happily share some of my stash of needles (sounds like I have a drug problem?! ;) ). It would also be nice to see you again.

  3. Hi Erik, you have luer lock needles? Am looking for a place where I can order various sizes of short blunt luer lock needles. Will probably order a few boxes of 25 needles.