Saturday, February 19, 2011

Virtual Pottery Wheel

We recently made a video from the Virtual Pottery Wheel that is part of Unfold's L'Artisan Electronique installation. We have already a slightly better version where you need to manually spin the wheel to spin the virtual model vs. the automatic rotation in this video but no video yet of that.


  1. Hello Unfold!
    I am a silent follower of your clay extruding work. I have completed my own version of paste extruder for rapman which is compatible with the latest BFB firmware. Check the BFB forum this weekend for photos and video. After I will clean some minor bugs I will make the design available as you have done with your Claystruder. Hopefully from now we will have a better paste/ceramic clay extruder to print far more complex structures and perhaps you can add more functionality to you wonderfull virtual potery system.

  2. Hello Ioan!

    Super, I am really excited about your design, looking forward to testing it and your progress!

    Will spend the next post on your design.