Monday, January 11, 2010

Claystruder mounted, ready to test

So I'm moving along with my paste extruder, tomorrow I will do the first wet clay test with the extruder mounted on my Rapman. Today I did a dry test only with pressurized air to see if I could coble together some Gcode to switch the AUX port of my Rapman electronics. My original filament extruder is still connected to the board so I set the temp in Gcode at 100 degrees, RPM at 0 and replaced all extruder start/stops by AUX start/stops. That did work, setting the temp at 0 did not work because rapman would move to the center and do nothing. Removing all set temp and RPM code resulted in random movements. I'll have to test some more on this quick 'n dirty solution. I am looking for a method to skip the whole heat-up phase all together, remove my original filament extruder and use only the AUX. The Rapman firmware is already setup to work with different (future) extruders like a pen tool and a router. You can set a different ID for the extruder with different resistors:

Tool Header
The RapMan identifies the type of tool fitted by checking the voltage dropped across a reference resistor, values as follows:
Description Resistor A/D
976 Ohm resistor for PEN 1K (90)
4.7K Ohm resistor for Extruder 4K7 (320)
9.9K Ohm resistor for Extruder2 10K (500)
22K Ohm resistor for Not Defined 22K (700)
47K to 100K Ohm resistor for Router 47K to 100K (840 to 920)
1M Ohm resistor for No Tool 1M to open circuit(1010 to 1024)

At Ver1.0.5 the Extruder, Pen and Router have been defined in firmware.

Pen and Router would probably be interesting for me but there is not much more info on what they do, I'll  have to test that out and ask around. Then I will need to find a way to make Skeinforge output usable code for this extruder. At the moment I use hand tuned code with a single filament wall. Lets see tomorrow how the code and the clay behaves!

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